We are commission-free wealth advisors who do our best work with those who have a “Triple A” status of the right Attitude, Assets, and believe in our Allocation Philosophy.

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To provide our clients exceptional service at a level that far exceeds industry standards, we only work with those who align best with our Triple A status and expertise. Therefore, at the conclusion of every introduction meeting with prospective clients, we provide 3 options to ensure that everyone we meet with leaves in a better position than they started:

  • Explore working with our team. No decisions are made in the introduction meeting. We will meet as a team to determine if you’d be a good fit for us and we ask that you likewise think about if we would be a good fit for you.
  • If working with us is not a fit for any reason and you would still like professional financial planning help, we connect you with trusted colleagues who share a similar investment philosophy.
  • If working with us is not a fit for any reason and you want to manage your finances on your own, we offer a complimentary 60-minute financial planning consultation to point you in the right direction.

Evergreen’s Fit Process

We have a simple 3-step process to determine if we are a fit for you and you are a fit for us.

10-Minute Initial Call

During this 10-minute phone call, we will discuss what your needs are to find out if they match what we do best.

Introduction Meeting

During this one-hour meeting, we will introduce ourselves, learn more about you, your goals, what you are looking for, and what your definition of success looks like. You will learn more about our firm, our expertise, and what we can do for you.

Are We a Fit For You?

After you’ve had a chance to think about the help we can offer you, we’ll determine together if our services are a good fit for your needs and if you would be a good fit for our team.