Evergreen was founded on one simple concept: doing the right thing.

Our team of experts came together to form Evergreen to help meet the needs of investors through a wholly transparent and sensible approach based on honesty and communication. We welcome any question, any time, and pledge to always be forthcoming and have complete transparency.

After more than two decades of combined experience in the industry, the founders of Evergreen have seen firsthand the inner workings of both large and small investment firms. We have seen that some of these firms are not always set up in a way that puts their clients’ interests first. Alternatively, Evergreen was founded on the principle of always acting in the best interest of the client.

Evergreen is not your typical investment firm. We are a company made up of family and friends who came together to do the right thing for our clients every time. And at Evergreen, because the client is the boss, there is no external pressure or influence, just honest investing.


  • We act in the best interests of our clients – always.
  • We believe if we sincerely act in the best interest of others, we too will be taken care of.
  • We believe in improving others’ lives: our employees’, our clients’ and our community.
  • We would rather make a large impact on a small group of people as opposed to a small impact on a large group of people
  • Integrity is a non-negotiable with employees and clients.
  • We believe in being fiscally responsible and prudent managers of our firm.
  • Our employees are proactive, empowered and find solutions. They delight our clients with exceptional service.
  • Ego is the death of creativity, hinders communication and stops progression.
  • We believe in personal growth, kaizen for education, health, happiness, and personal progress.
  • We believe in being intentional and balancing priorities, which may include health, faith, family, work, and others.


Steven Bowes

Steven Bowes, MBA

Managing Partner

In 2004 Steven started his career at the Apollo Group and eventually became a Director for the Colorado and Wyoming locations. Steven then went to Merrill Lynch in 2013 where he started his wealth management practice focusing on high net worth individuals, professionals and small business owners. Steven moved his practice Independent in 2016 and co-founded Evergreen Private Wealth in 2019. Steven’s philosophy is client-focused; he wants each of his clients to have a comprehensive plan that is tailored to their individual wants and needs.

A little more about Steven

Steven was raised all over North America, living in 6 states and 2 countries growing up but now happily calls Colorado home where he has lived since 2010 with his wife and three children.

The outdoors is part of what brought Steven to Colorado, he loves mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and camping. He feels very fortunate that his family also enjoys the outdoors as much as he does. He also likes to compete in triathlons and obstacle course races, having completed several races including two half-Ironman races and a Spartan Beast. Steven is also an avid gardener.

Scott Preston, CFP®, CTS

Managing Partner

Scott began his career at a young age, co-founding a highly successful start-up, which was eventually sold to the Larry H. Miller Corporation. In 2008, Scott joined Fidelity Investments and, in 2016, Scott moved independent where he developed an intimate practice aimed at assisting successful business owners and professionals. In 2019, Scott co-founded Evergreen Private Wealth. Scott’s philosophy focuses on maintaining a high-touch, high-service practice, while always keeping the client’s best interest at the forefront.

A little more about Scott

Scott has been riding and racing bikes since he was a young teenager. His enthusiasm for cycling continues today as it is a big part of what his family enjoys. Scott met his wife through cycling and currently coaches his daughter’s mountain bike team. He loves to be on the lake spending time with his family, especially at Lake Powell. Any spare time that he has is spent reading, flyfishing, skiing, and being in the mountains. The thing that brings him the most joy is the relationships and experiences with his wife Kari, his three kids, and friends.

Dustin Schick, MBA, CFP®, CTS

Advisor and Chief Operating Officer

Dustin has been working over 10 years in finance, most recently within Fidelity’s workplace planning division. He has an MBA in finance, a Financial Planning certificate through New York University, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Dustin continually challenges us to become our very best, individually and as a company. He takes care of many of the behind-the-scenes details, processes, and communication to keep things running smoothly. He has a knack for finding opportunities for improvement, enabling us to serve our clients the best way possible.

A little more about Dustin

Dustin and his family moved to Colorado in 2012 and they have never looked back. He enjoys eating healthy so he can feel good and maintain an active lifestyle. He enjoys competing in triathlons, running, biking, and Spartan obstacle course races, having completed over 40 events. His greatest joys come from his relationships with his wife and their 6 active children, all boys, so dad jokes are a staple. Together, they enjoy hiking, camping, reading, participating in sports and being outside. Dustin enjoys learning new things and having meaningful experiences with family and friends.