While only 25% of financial advisors are Certified Financial Planners (CFPs®), we have several CFPs® on our staff to help our clients in all manner of financial needs and complexities. CFPs® are trained in 8 principle subject areas covering 72 financial topics.

  • A Certified Financial Planner® not only completes extensive training and experience requirements but they also commit to CFP® Board’s ethical standards that require them to put their client’s interests first.

  • A CFP® professional must complete all 4 of the requirements below:

    • Education – Have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher and also complete all of the required CFP coursework. The average time to complete the CFP coursework is 12-18 months.
    • Exam – Have passed the CFP exam demonstrating the knowledge and competency necessary to provide comprehensive personal financial planning advice.
    • Experience – Have completed 6,000 hours of professional experience related to financial planning before they can qualify for the CFP® designation.
    • Ethics – Agreed to adhere to high ethical and professional standards for the practice of financial planning, and to act as a fiduciary when providing financial advice to your client, always putting their best interests first.