At Evergreen, our focus is to create more value than what is expected or charged. We intentionally have fewer clients so we can give far more value than one would get working with discount providers, and while our all-in fees are still lower on average than our industry peers, we intentionally work with clients who see how much value we add and not how much we cost.

There is only one way we get paid and that is through a transparent fee. We have nothing to hide, every client knows exactly what they are paying all of the time.

  • There are three general ways in which advisors are compensated:

    • Through a commission-based model
    • Through a hybrid of commission & fee model
    • Through a Fee-Only model
  • Both commissioned and hybrid-fee advisors receive commissions based on the products they recommend. Because of the conflict of interest inherent in their advice we believe many of these advisors may have difficulty putting their clients’ interests above their own.

  • We here at Evergreen believe that the only way to remain free from potential conflict of interests is to be fee only. This means that the ONLY way we receive compensation is from the fee we charge our clients. We feel this allows us the opportunity to review each investment purely based on the investment’s merits and not by what we will receive. Our advisory fee is deducted directly and automatically from the accounts we manage. We bill in arrears, after service is rendered. All cost of transactions is built into the management fee. Fees will be pro-rated if agreement is terminated.