Preparing for Retirement – Jean and Rodger


Age: 57 & 60

Jean is a doctor at a regional medical center and Rodger is an engineer at a large aerospace company. Both have worked hard in their respective fields and have received several accolades along the way, all while raising a family.

Their kids are now grown and they are officially empty nesters, and while they have always saved and invested in their retirement accounts they are now, for the first time, starting to think seriously about retirement.

Their goals

  • Jean enjoys her work and feels a connection to what she is doing. She is not ready to let that go just yet but feels she will be ready in a few more years.
  • Rodger has also enjoyed his work but he feels the stress and demands of his employment are more than the enjoyment he receives and he is ready to move on to something new.

Their concerns

  • Both Jean and Rodger have complicated retirement plans, including deferred compensation, pensions, company stock and options, and 401ks.
  • They don’t know how to best take advantage of their different plans.
  • With the assets they have accumulated to this point, they are concerned a mistake could be catastrophic when transitioning into retirement.
  • They want to provide an estate to their children after they pass away.

Our solution

After meeting with our team and going through our process and finding out what is most important to Rodger and Jean, we determined that Rodger could retire this year and Jean could retire in three years.

We connected them with a trusted estate planning attorney who setup trusts which allowed Rodger and Jean to maintain control but also provided help and support to their children according to their wishes even after death.

We determined that they will not need to reduce their lifestyle in retirement. Between their savings and various retirement and pension plans, we were able to construct a plan that best utilizes all their various retirement assets to create an income that is comparable to their current lifestyle.

We made sure to stress test their portfolio to give them the best possible chance of leaving a sizable estate to their heirs. We helped them set up a trust to minimize taxes while retaining control to provide help and support to their children based on Jean and Rodger’s wishes.

After seeing the comprehensive retirement and investment plan put into action, Jean and Rodger felt great confidence that their questions were answered, and that they have a plan with a brighter path forward. They feel reassured and empowered. More importantly, they are able to focus on what matters most to them without worrying about all the complexities of their retirement plan, how to help their children, or running out of money.