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  • A fiduciary’s responsibilities are both legal and ethical in scope. The bottom line, however, is that anyone who takes on a fiduciary role must act first and foremost with the needs of the client in mind.
  • Not all advisors are fiduciaries; in fact, many are not. Many brokers and advisors who receive commissions from the products they sell will do so using a less stringent suitability requirement with their own interest in mind.
  • Other advisors are fiduciaries some of the time, or only with certain accounts, but they do not have to act as a fiduciary all of the time. Many of them work for large financial firms where their primary duty of loyalty is to their firm first and their clients second.
  • We here at Evergreen Private Wealth are fiduciaries 100% of the time in every way. Because of our independence, our clients are our boss and our loyalty is to them.